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Scrappy Applique


Attendees will learn Shannon Brinkley’s Scrappy Applique technique during this fun interactive program and trunk show. Arlene will have a brief introduction about her art background. Then you will learn the Scrappy Applique technique and finishing options for your projects.  During the trunk show, Arlene will show you her quilts and examples from other quilters.  This program is perfect for beginner quilters as well as more advanced quilters interested in learning this raw-edge applique technique.  The program is between 45-60 minutes.

The Scrappy Applique Program is available in person or online via Zoom.  


Take scraps of fabric and turn them into wonderful  appliqué pieces using Shannon Brinkley’s signature technique– Scrappy Appliqué. Patterns will be available at the in-person workshop and online. The workshop is suited for quilters of different skill levels; from brand new to quilting and those who have been quilting for years. Your project will be unique to you and your creativity.

Available in 1 or 2 day workshops (4-6 hour blocks). In a 1 day workshop, most participants will finish collaging and fusing their applique pieces to the background fabric. Some will get to the sewing step. In a 2 day workshop, most of the participants will get their quilt top finished or nearly finished. A few will start the quilting process. Workshops are a perfect add-on to a Program!

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